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Culturetopia - Instructor-Led Training (ILT) Module


Bring Culturetopia to your organization with a powerful 1/2 day Instructor-Led Training (ILT) Module with all the tools needed to lead a group of 2 to 100’s through the essentials of Culturetopia. The Culturetopia ILT is a perfect resource to kick-start or accelerate culture change in any organization. Here's how the Culturetopia ILT can help you:

SHARE A CULTURE FRAMEWORK: Share a framework for accessing, developing and implementing culture change in your company – from basic shifts to major overhauls. Participants learn the essentials of great culture on which to build their very own. 

CREATE YOUR OWN CULTURE: Help your people align their attitudes and behaviors with the values and beliefs of the organization to create a culture where everyone is inspired and leaders inspire others to do their very best.

EXPERT CONTENT FOR ALL LEVELS: In a half-day’s time, participants experience a high-energy, activity-based class that not only teaches the principles of Culturetopia, but also allows for hands-on work that applies back in the real world.

EVERYTHING IS PROVIDED! You get everything needed to deliver a great learning experience: course guides, slideshow presentation, accompanying video, and game cards. All you have to do is review, prepare, and facilitate.

Culturetopia ILT Package includes everything needed for a great learning session:

  • Instructor’s Guide with complete directions (designed to use by novice or expert facilitator)
  • Participant Guides (20 Qty) - (Need more? Order additional participant guides separately)
  • PowerPoint presentation to be used by facilitator 
  • Video of Jason Young presenting Culturetopia topic
  • All experiential activities and exercises

DOWNLOAD .PDF - One Sheet Summary of Culturetopia ILT Module 

The Culturetopia ILT is designed to fill approximately 4 hours of classroom time in a workshop environment. The materials can be presented in a single module or divided to deliver as multiple modules.  

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