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"The ultimate Customer Service playbook. This should be required reading before any employee serves a customer."

In his newest book, Servicetopia – The ultimate customers service experience, culture expert Jason Young explains exactly how a company’s customer facing workforce can deliver a transformational service experience in each and every customer encounter. What is Servicetopia? Imagine an environment where all employees are aligned with the mission and vision of the company and every day they go to work committed to providing exceptional service to every customer. They understand their purpose in the organization. They perform their duties with passion as they seek to meet every customer’s needs. They are professional and work tirelessly to build customer loyalty. They follow a carefully outlined process to ensure every customer touch point is handled delicately to ensure customer satisfaction and eliminate pain and frustration. And in the end, they add a little pizazz to surprise and delight the customer.

Purpose. Passion. Professional. Process. Pizazz. These are the hallmarks of Servicetopia, the behaviors required for delivering exceptional customer service, everyday. Whether you chose a career serving others, or a customer service career found you, Servicetopia can be attainted. But it’s a choice each person has to make and then live out. In this book, Jason Young explores how a company’s customer facing workforce can deliver the ultimate service experience, where high levels of customer satisfaction and retention are sustained. And where employees derive personal and professional satisfaction from delivering great service and where the customer is the beneficiary. 

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104 pages. Published by LeadSmart Publishing. 2015.