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The Culturetopia Effect


The Culturetopia Effect is Jason Young’s new book where he shares his innovative perspective on how to create and sustain a high-performance workplace where people can do their best work. A wide range of cultural factors combine to drive the behavior of managers and those employees who do the real work of serving customers and making products. Jason uses his experience as a manager, trainer, and consultant to dozens of leading companies to develop the concept of Culturetopia: a workplace where high fulfillment and high performance exist. In Culturetopia, Jason provides practical, easy to implement guidance to the seven key determinants that make a healthy, productive and profitable culture of any team or organization. In The Culturetopia Effect, Jason Young provides his valuable insights and practical ideas on how to create Culturetopia in any organization. He shares years of observations and experience with companies such as Southwest Airlines, Walt Disney, 3M, Cisco Systems and others, that have developed unique, high performance cultures and have experienced Culturetopia. 

195 pages. Published by LeadSmart Publishing. 2013. 

ISBN #978-0-9832946-2-7